maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2011

Gracias, Finlandia!

FINLAND!!!!!!!! After 16 years we made it again. We are the world champions in ice hockey. I was checking the scores from twitter non-stop while we were sitting in a bar, hoping that we'd finally get our gold again. The game was very tight untill Finland got crazy. 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1. Soon it was official: FINLAND WON SWEDEN 6-1. Incredible!! The owner of the bar offered us free beers and we were proudly singing the anthem of Finland. What a feeling.
Today I've been thinking a lot about the never ending competition between Finland and Sweden. In my opinion (and probably in all the finns opinions) swedish people don't take us very seriously, they laugh at us, they "know" they're gonna beat us and they think that we are idiots. And on the contrary we have the attitude of "WE'RE SO GONNA KICK THEIR ASS THIS TIME, FINNISH GUTS, PERKELE!!" but for some reason we always freeze when we get Sweden against us. One game after another we just freeze, freeze and freeze. But now FINALLY we got what we deserved. It's not very often that I say this but yes, I am proud of Finland.
On saturday we were watching the eurovision song contest with my mother and my cousin. Sweden kicked our ass badly even though their song was S-H-I-T. You could sense the tension in this apartment everytime when Sweden got more points. I really don't know why it goes like this, why do we have to have this never ending competition? Shouldn't we be happy for our neighbours? I love Sweden, I used to want to move there, I also think that most of the people are awesome. But I have to admit that when it comes to games, Sweden & tre kronor will always be the enemy. :D I will always have the attitude of please, don't let Sweden win.

...And here are the songs from both sweden and finland in the Eurovision song contest. You can make your own opinion but I just have to say (without any patriotism) that Finland's song was about 1000 times better... :P

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