tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2010

Sunny sunday on defensa street

Sunday was very special day on defensa street. I guess it's somekind of tradition that the long street gets full of hippies selling stuff and playing drums and all that rhytmic music and the tourists are in heaven. Just like me ;) It made me feel so good, I couldn't stop smiling. It was so pure. Everybody were enjoying of the moment. So the happening lasted for the whole day and in the evening when I went to walk around and to get to know my streets people were still dancing and playing. There were many people coming to talk to me but when I said "english?" They always were like "noonoonoo" so that was a shame. But there was this interesting man who started following and didn't stop talking in spanish. When I said that I don't understand anything and that if he could speak english he was like I......am......beer.....one beer.. Hahah so I was like okey have a nice evening and continued walking :D And when I was walking on the streets the men were waving and shouting at me all the time. It actually was quite amusing and I always said holá and smiled back but didn't have a glue what they were saying :D:D

People playing drums and dancing on the streets

More rhytm music

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