torstai 30. syyskuuta 2010


Hahahh had to do some censoring because my face looks like shit in this one :D:D

Heeyyaall folks! These are the only pictures I've got from last night. After getting inside to that bar my mind was flying somewhere else than in taking pictures. Yea so yesterday I went to the couchsurfing meeting with Mannix. It was happyhour for CS people for the whole night so of course I had to drink quite a lot :D And today I have been just one dead fish sleeping, reading and some more sleeping. I still feel quite powerless but I'm meeting a new friend in one hour so there's no time to complain. A glass of wine and I'm fine again hahah. It's the alcohol that keeps me going.
So yesterday night was so fucking nice! I'm so happy that I went there and I will definately go every wednesday for the rest of my life :D I met soo many new people, some were locals and some were from other parts of South America, Europe etc. So I'm looking forward to meet these people soon again and actually will during the weekend. So I met this french girl there and we happened to start talking about apartments. Since I might be homeless soon I kind of have to start figuring out the future. SO she said that she needs a roommate starting from November which couldn't be any better timing for me! And she lives in nice area and all that so it might be that I'm getting a french flatmate withing a few months. HOW GREAT IS THAT! Now I just have to start thinking about the job.. Would be nice to start getting some income so I could stay here foreverrrrrrrr. :)
Big plans haha. Weeeell time will tell but all u guys shuld keep your thumps up for me :--)

C'ya honeybums! Have a great thursday!


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