lauantai 2. lokakuuta 2010

Perjantai-illan rientoja

I got this from a bum the other night. It's a cloverleaf that brings luck. :)

Porn bus :D there were disco lapms on the roof and pink lights haha!

Puerta roja

Hola! Ah, it's weekend and everything is gooood. Yesterday we were out in a few bars. First we went to Puerto roja to get some chili bomb and after those to some couchsurfers b-day party. We thought it would have been like dancing and all dat but it was a restaurant and everybody were just eating so we went to some other club to daancee! Chili bomb is quite tricky shot, it makes you wanna dance! ;) I was quite drunk yesterday, basic Sari, hha. But it doesn't matter, no way, I had fun and that's the main thing. Today I've been doing the basic hung-over stuff as almost everyday. Lying on the bed and watching maaaany episodes of Californication. Gosh I love that serie, I'm hooked! Starting to feel good again so I guess it's time start making myself ready for tonight. We're going to fuerza bruta and maybe to bar after that.
So I've got quite many room offers during these few days. I mean not offers but suggestions which is very good! I need to move next month so I'd gladly see some potential and cheap rooms. Now I just need a job. Some have suggested to go to ask from the finnish embassy and others have suggested bars. I'd rather work in a bar. Maybe. But the salaries here are redicilously low. I would probably earn less than 500€ a month. Feels like nothing compared to the salaries I got in Finland which were not high either. Well I also might live with Mauel's sis for a few months for free while he's travelling around South America. Dunno, time tells. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing just fine, I love to live here, I think this was really something that I so badly needed. I had to get away from the country that I love to hate and hate to love. I needed to get away alone and show myself that I can do this. Sure I miss my homies and loves but not that much that I would leave Buenos Aires. Not just yet. ;)
Muchos besos!

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