sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010


Heippa! Tattoo is healing perfectly. I think it's fine already. I have a lust to continue filling the empty parts in this hand. I already have ideas what to take so it's just a matter of time when I will go back to make a new appointment. Now I just have to save some money for the rent and all that. Next week I will start my spanish lessions, wihiii I'm so excited about that. Then I can habla español, looking forward to that!!
I've been lying in the bed past 24 hours like a corpse. I think I have fever. My muscles are hurting and my head is full of mucus. It's the lovely spring-flu that got me. I was supposed to go to a birthday party this evening but we're gonna have to see what my condition is then. I took a painkiller and some tasty organic green tea with honey so I'm hoping to feel better soon. I guess I'll just watch a few episodes of South Park and wait for the painkiller to start affecting. And then go to the bar. And tomorrow feel even worse. Yep, that's the basic me being an idiot! =)

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