sunnuntai 3. lokakuuta 2010

Fuerza Bruta

That's water ;)
Those pictures are from Fuerza Bruta. The show was quite amazing. Had no expectations so I didn't know I would get wet there or that you don't sit, you stand, you dance, you jump around. Haha it was funny. And the actors didn't speak. It was only movements. Veerry interesting stuff!
After that I went to some friends place to drink some cheap wine haha and later to a club where were different Dj's playing electronic music. I liked it a lot and it was fun to dance to it. It's amazing that you can actually stay in the club till morning and it's not a problem. I guess we left like 5am and there were still people dancing and stuff. I will never get used to that. You could party 24h if you wanted to. It's crazy. And the people were smoking in the clubs, there were no smoking rooms. I'm not so sure if I like it though. Didn't smoke there and I still smell like shit.
My day rythm is all fucked up. I wake up 3pm (9pm finnish time) and go to sleep 6am. It sucks. I basically miss the whole day. Next week I'm gonna do something about it. Oh and now that I mentioned next week.. In three days there is a gay parad here. Whooho I so am gonna go there to check the argentinian dykes hahahha.

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