perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010

Meikä sai kodin!

Hola a todos! I have no pictures to share this time, haven't taken any but I have something to tell you. Today I went to see an apartment, actually just a while ago, and god I really liked it. It's in okey-neighborhood. Not too long way to 9 de julio or San Telmo so I'm happy. So the place was g.r.e.a.t. They guy who owns it is renovating it right now and it's gonne be ready within few weeks. So there's gonna live like 7 people or maybe even more and we would share the kitchen and the livingroom and the toilet. There was also this nice patio with a grill and he's gonna build stairs leading to the roof where there's like a huuuuuge open space. It will be like a terrace a.k.a my new nro.1 place to spend time during the summer. Ojojojjj. So we were there talking this and that and the guy who rents the place seemed really nice and I got so good vibes from the whole thing. So I told that I am very interested to rent the room and he said that of course and I said that I would move there in a few weeks. So this means that I have a home now. Tengo una casa! The rent is 1000 pesos which is pretty okey so I'm excited times hundred!! And this means that I have 'only' two things left to figure out: to learn español ahore and to find a job. Jajaja. THUMPS UP POR FAVOR!
Ait well now I'm gonna drink una cerveza y listen to música y cocina some dinner. Then I'm gonna meet up with Carlos again and we're going to listen to some band that I heard that is very nice. Looking forward to that :--) And tomorrow I'm gonna wake up 'early' to have lunch with the Puebla brothers ;D grrrrrreat. Have a lovely friday!
Un beso

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