torstai 28. lokakuuta 2010

Radio menee ylös läpi katosta

Thuesday morning. Ah, it was muy lindo, muy calor. I sat on the patio like 4 hours till the sun went down. Brought my laptop there, played some reggae and John Mayer, got the feeling just right and enjoyed of the warmth. Felt like it was at least 25 celcius. <3 Tried to do some studying but it was pretty impossible due to the distractions. :P Later that day we went outside of BsAs and made some damn good vegetarian risotto and damn good wine and fruits for breakfast and soybeefs with salad for lunch. AHHHHHH! Didn't wanna come back home at all but here I am. Have no credit on my phone (once again....) And my head is somewhere else, falling falling falling. Good feeling. But we had fun here, the three of us gathered together, watching tv and drinking rum and vodka.
Tomorrow we're gonna get a new flatmate which is a girl from England. I talked with her yesterday and she seemend supersuper nice and I LOVED her accent. Sososososo strong english accent :D Can't wait to get the other people here as well. I assume that they're coming this weekend. It's gonna be another english girl and a friench girl. European power it is! ;) AND GIRL POWER!!!
Btw. today was the national cencus day here in Argentina. They have it every 10 years. It feels so silly that they actually COUNT the people like that. Everybody had to stay at home waiting for the counters to go from door to door collecting data by asking stupid questions and counting the population. They didn't count me though, buhuuu! Today was also a big day because some dude called Néstor had a heartattack and died. He was a husband of the president and had a lot of power. He used to be a president as well. Half of the population celebrate that he's dead while the others are crying their eyes off. The politics here is something SO FAR from Finland. I mean our scandal is that Matti Vanhanen has a new lover while here everything is just all messed up.
I found this old post from my facebook! I found it funny. I remember those times. I wish it could be real though. I mean it would be ideal to make living by creativity. It would be a dream come true. :P

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