perjantai 5. marraskuuta 2010



Drinking games part 1.

Drinking games part 2.

Lallallaa, probably a little too inappropriate to publish the last photo, ehh ehhhhh, but I don't care. Ehhhhh.
We had a barbeque without barbequing on wednesday. So basically what's left after that? Booze of course. So it was just a booze-wednesday. Basic drinking game shit (I made Hernan drink like a little biaaatch) and later he made me drink like a little bitch  as well but that's just a BFF thing. Yea he's my bff (best flat friend). No offence to others of you, you're all great!! I've just known him for the longest time.
After everybody had gone to sleep I got a visitor and we accidentaly slept till the very next evening. No one knew we were at home. Hahah it was funny, they thought I was out the whole day but actually I was just lying on the floor for hours and hours.

Today I have the x-ray for my wisdomteeth removal, jaiks! And today we're gonna get the last girl to join the group and to move in here. She is from my lovely hometown's neighbour country, it's SWEDEN that I'm talking about. We'll see if there's gonna be some finska-svenska fights between us, ahahahh, noo just kidding. I love Sweden and swedish girls are my weekness as some of you may know.

Okey now it's time for a shower. I was supposed to skype with my mommy but she never showed up, IS THIS HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER??!?!?!? Kidding. I love you mom. :)

Ps. tomorrow gay-pride parade!!!!!

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  1. hey i found two cards belonging to you i believed were stolen and now, seeing your blog know for real. I am really sory.

    The cards i found were your travel insurance card and a card from a bank: Sampo Pankki.
    I am leaving to mexico Monday evening. But will be all day at Ciudad Universitaria working were you can come an pick them up.

    I suppose you already told the bank that card was stolen so it will be of now use to give it back. But i guess the travel insurance card might be of use o get back. Both cards were in a small diamond-shaped bag which i also have.

    well. call me at 15 44121012 or mail me at nopararas --at-- gmail .. com

    In any case if you cant come by tomorrow I can leave the cards in the Physics 'Secretaría' of the building 'Pabellón 1' at 'Ciudad Universitaria'.

    I hope this helps. The parade was great but there were lots of people stealing. A cel phone was stolen from a friend of mine too!

    Best regrads.
    Christian Schmiegelow.