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Let me tell you about Finland!

Since I've been posting only about Argentina and spanish music etc it's now time to introduce my country, Finland. This post will be all about Finland. Pay attention, it must be interesting to know where I come from and how it is like in the other part of the world in such a small country as Finland. Yea, this post it for you Argentineans!

Finland is full of lakes, forests and countryside. Here are some pictures of the nature. The view is not the same in Helsinki (the capital) but most parts are full of these kinds of landscapes.

This is like the most traditional and ideal way of spending the summer for finnish people. It includes going to your summer cottage, drinking a lot of beer, eating sausages like you've never eaten before, going to sauna every single day and just isolating from the whole world to this calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is also the place where you drive with a bunch of friends to celebrate midsummer or gather together with your relatives.

(celebrating midsummer includes this. Always.)

We have very strong drinking culture. We drink a lot and very often. Most of us start drinking in pretty young age like 13-14 and the older you get the more alcohol you can drink. When you go abroad you're usually the last one drinking because of your habits. The most traditional alcohol drink is probably either beer or Vodka. But we also have a lot of different strong liquors and these long drinks that I haven't seen anywhere else but in Finland (which by the way are damn good and I definitely miss them).

We have some very traditional dishes. For example this thing (which is called karjalanpiirakka) is something that most of us really love and who ever you ask 'what is karjalanpiirakka?' everyone will know.

The same thing goes with leipäjuusto (straight translation would be bread cheese). Everyone of us knows what it is but not all of us likes it. Personally I'm not a huge fan but with cloudberries it's quite tasty. I think that older people are more into this cheese. For example my grandma used to eat this all the time.

The most trational finnish dish is probably smashed potatoes and raindeer meet with cowberries on top. And even though I haven't eaten it for like 5 years I still remember that it's sooo daaaamn good!!

We also eat a lot of fish since we have it so much in all the lakes and stuff. Smoked salmon is YUMMY. Actually every single fish we have is delicious!

Some desserts are very common for example all different kinds of buns (pulla) and pancakes (lettu). And there is one very disgusting traditional finnish dessert (mämmi) that we eat every easter and it looks like black shit. Take a look!

Most of us LOVE liquorice (me included) which is like very salty candy. It's hard to chew and the taste is really strong. Mostly when foreigners try it they can't stang it. We also love chocolate and we have this brand that makes the best chocolate ever, it's called Fazer. If you ever taste it - you'll get hooked!

I don't know if you guys know about eurovision song contest? Anyway Finland has won the contest once in 2006. The song was REDICILOUS and I think that almost every single finnish person was embarrased of their nationality since every foreigner was like "aahhh, Finland, I know LORDI" So here's the song.

Our weather is pretty extreme in my opinion. Summers are very light and nice. They're quite warm but not too hot. The sun goes down very late in the night and once a year it never goes down. (midsummer=juhannus). But on the contrary our winters are extremely awfull. The sun goes down redicilously early and it's dark averagely all the time. I find it so depressing that I'm happy to be far away from our winter right now. It can get so cold in january/february that you really don't want to go out at all. It can easily go to -20'C in the south and even -30'C in the north. HRRRR.

Since most of the time it's winter we love to do different kinds of winter sports. Here are some very traditional winter sports  that you HAVE TO TRY if you ever visit Finland during the winter.

Like you know we also have tango and it's pretty important. Personally for me not because I'm from the younger generation but even I know how to dance tango and I actually love the music. So here is one clip about how the finnish tango looks like since it's a little bit different than Argentinean tango. Here are also some finnish tango songs. Listen to them, they're quite good actually!

Ps. I love this!!

In lapland you can see northern lights (revontulet) every now and then. And I promise you that it's the most beautiful thing ever.

We love christmas. I mean not everyone of course but in general we do. We have this christmas street in Helsinki that opens every year in the end of november and there's always this big fuzz about christmas. We have santa claus (who is from Lapland btw) and we eat a lot of traditional christmas foods as well. My family has always been a little bit different when it comes to christmas. It was always very hard for us to wait for the evening when it was time to open the presents so we never really sticked to that tradition. One year we opened the presents one night before christmas eve because we couldn't wait any longer. It was pretty damn boring christmas by the way. Haha, terkkuja äiti! <3

And this is the capital of Finland. It's called Helsinki. If you didn't know that - you're a loser. Here are some photos of Helsinki (my city)!

This is where I used to work
And this is where I used to live. <3<3<3<3

And this is how extremely beautiful it is when the snow melts.

I'm pretty sure I forgot to say something important so maybe there will be a part two some day! Anyway I guess Finland is not that bad after all. It's just very very boring.

Weeell so long, see you later alligator!

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    thanks sari! ireeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally wanted to read something like this :D

  2. Hahah :D Perfecto. Quería escribir algo de Finlandia, así que ahora saben un poco de mi país. Y tal vez ir a Finlandia algún día!! Cómo no?? ;)

  3. Tää oli hyvä Suomi postaus. Kyllä ne mahtaa vähän ihmetellä siellä ja muuallakin, et mitä kummaa jengiä tääl asuu. :D

  4. Jep! Täytyy myöntää et tuli pieni suomikaipuu kun tätä postausta kasaili :---)

  5. Törmäsin blogiisi juuri ja tää oli kiva postaus, hauskanolonen blogi muutenkin :) Tosin pakko tähän mainita, ettei juhannuskokkoja juurikaan harrasteta Keski-/Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla - siellä on pääsiäiskokot :D

  6. Ihanko tosi? En tiennytkään, ettei kaikkialla suomessa harrasteta juhannuskokkoja. Ja täytyy myöntää, etten oo koskaan kuullutkaan pääsiäiskokoista. Vau, joka päivä oppii jotain uutta. :D

  7. Great photos - you did well! :)