sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Gay parade


I just came home from the gay parade. Jezuz, it was massive! I'd say it was probably Helsinki's gay pride times 100. And I'm not kidding. The atmosphere was so cute. People were so happy, waving to us, dancing and jumping around. Wearing silly customes and simply just being out&proud. I've been to 4 gay parades in my life and every time it surprises me how happy people really are. It's like one huuuuge community of people, all being so proud of themselves, all being so fine with themselves. It's really good that it is like that. It's good that no one has to feel bad about being gay or being 'different'. It's good that you don't have to be afraid of being what you are. It would be devestating if you'd still have to hide yourself from the world in fear of being labeled as some disgusting freak. I'm glad that right now things are getting way better according to LGBT people. Gay people get more rights and they're really willing to fight for those rights. And we all should stick together and definitely not discriminate against the minority. I think it's fucked up that lesbians&gays often label bi-sexuals as 'warning signs' which screams to you WATCH OUT, I'M DEFINATELY GONNA CHEAT ON YOU WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX. I think that people are just being too insecure with themselves and far from open-minded when they think like that. And you should never generalize if you've had one or two bad experiences. It really doesn't mean that every single bi person will crush your heart. Besides gays, lesbians and straight people can do it just as well.
Hahah, for some reason this became like a lecture. Sorry, didn't mean to do that :D Anyway, I was enjoying myself UNTILL I realized that my wallet had been stolen. SHITFUCKSHITFUCKSHITFUCK!! Naturally I started panicing, freaking out, getting uppset and being so disappointed in myself. How could I let this happend??? How could I let someone steal my wallet with 180pesos and a visa electron in it. Yea, it's okey that someone took the money but the fucking credit card.... I had to make thousand phone calls and try to fix everything. Had to call to finland to 'put the card on ice'. So now I have no money, only 200 pesos. It will probably take like a month to get the new card so basically I'm SO SCREWED. But I really try not to let it get to me too much. I don't wanna feel bad about this. Even though I'm so disappointed in myself I try not to punish myself too much. I just feel so worthless. How could I ever let someone steal my wallet......???

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  1. hey i found two cards belonging to you i believed were stolen and now, seeing your blog know for real. I am really sory.

    The cards i found were your travel insurance card and a card from a bank: Sampo Pankki.
    I am leaving to mexico Monday evening. But will be all day at Ciudad Universitaria working were you can come an pick them up.

    I suppose you already told the bank that card was stolen so it will be of now use to give it back. But i guess the travel insurance card might be of use o get back. Both cards were in a small diamond-shaped bag which i also have.

    well. call me at 15 44121012 or mail me at nopararas --at-- gmail .. com

    In any case if you cant come by tomorrow I can leave the cards in the Physics 'Secretaría' of the building 'Pabellón 1' at 'Ciudad Universitaria'.

    I hope this helps. The parade was great but there were lots of people stealing. A cel phone was stolen from a friend of mine too!

    Best regrads.
    Christian Schmiegelow.