lauantai 27. marraskuuta 2010

Now that I'm here

Now that I am here in Buenos Aires, 12950,63 kilometers away from Helsinki, I have the best opportunity to visit other cities in Argentina as well. I love Buenos Aires, that's for sure. But I know I will be blown away by some amazing landscapes that this big country has to offer.
Here are some places that I want and definitely will visit. Probably not this year but the year is changing pretty soon, isn't it? ;) It's gonna take a while to save money for all these trips but luckily someone just got a job and already starts next week. *Go me*. And besides there is no rush anywhere. I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna stick around. I'm gonna stay in Argentina.
Since the city is so huge, not green at all, not fresh at all and not relaxing at all, my plans concentrate more on travelling to these areas that are full of amazing nature with such a variety.

(Tierra del fuego)
(Iguazu falls)
(Valdes Peninsula)
(Puerto Madryn)

But even though these landscapes are amazing - the city is always the city <3

Buenos Aires, Avenida 9 de Julio

Ps. Today is Clare's byebye party/barbeque. Buhuu, Clareee, please don't go. Don't leave us :---( I'm sure that who ever moves here can't ever replace you! Not a change!

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