keskiviikko 6. lokakuuta 2010

China toooown

Ready, set, action!

Vegetarian sushi. Aaaahhhh I could eat it every day!

That shiet looked kinda weird to me. Never seen apples dipped in hot and sweet sugar and popcorn on top. Sounds pretty disgusting.

Today I finally got my 'take it easy' -day. Had to clear my head in the morning, thanks to the best combination ever: waking up to the hammer (AGAIN) with hangover. IMAGINE THE PAIN :D Yea anyway so we went to china town today to walk around and look at the little boutiques they had there and then to the big asian super market which was full of all kinds of asian stuff. I bought some green tea and we took two different rolls of vegetarian sushi and ate them in a park. Okey so yesterday I had my best dinner ever and today I had my best lunch ever. I'm feeling pretty lucky :) I'm definately gonna get back there soon to buy some more sushi. Hopefully already this week.
After the perfect lunch we went to walk around the city and later to drink some Mate at J's place. That's a traditional argentinian drink that they drink here all the time. It's like tea but thousand times more bitter and tastes really weird. Looks like this:
Next I have to taste Fernet Branca because I've heard that it's very argentinian drink as well. Oh and dulce de leche was good too. I'm starting to get the taste of Argentina. :)

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