torstai 21. lokakuuta 2010

Found a piece of paradice

I spent yesterday night outside of Buenos Aires. It was only 60km outside but still was very different to the big city. It was so calm. So green and so piecefull. Met two lovely dogs who definitely caught my heart, hihi. I had such a nice time there. I'm longing to go back there again. And I'm longing for the owner of the house. We drove there in the night and slept till midday. Then M went to work and I stayed at the place. Played around with the dogs, studied some spanish and slept in the hammock. Waited M to come back. Later in the evening we drove back to the city. In the same evening I went out with my roomie to some bar that was so crouded that it was almost impossible to find a place to sit. It was free beer for ladies till 11 o'clock so had to be greatfull to be a girl. :P Learned some drinking games and ended up being quite drunk thanks to them. Hah. Now I'm sitting at home. It's only me here. Hoping to come up with a cure for these fucking hang overs........

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