tiistai 19. lokakuuta 2010

Buena noche

Heyheey. I'm blogging from my new home now. Moved in today and have liked it a lot so far. Not all have moved in yet so there's only an argentinean guy, an ecuadorean guy and me here right now. The rest will come later this week. On saturday we have big party here with many people, good music and barbeque! Can't wait! I'm gonna post pictures of this house later.
Yesterday I and Sarita slept at Manny's place. We made dinner together and talked about nonsense, which is the best. Or in this case im not sure; from marriadge to having children to having sex deseases to sex fetishes to disgusting argentinean guys to paranormal life and creepy stuff and so on :D Later in the evening we went to the Gib because it was Sarita's last day at Manny's place so of course we had to do some celebrating. It was soo much fun. We played pool (and lost), drank shots and talked with a lot of new people. Ah, it was so much fun. And I got to speak some finnish again because the finnish girl was also there. Damn, my motherlanguage is really hard nowadays!! I so badly wish to get a tattoo made by Sarita. I should go to the studio one of these days before she runs away from Buenos Aires. Okey yea so that's pretty much all I had to say. Just wanted to let you know that I love my new home, my new roomies and my new everything :---) So long, buenas noches! And buenos días for euripeans!

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