sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

Another weekend in BA

Hola everyone. The weekend is coming to an end but boy it was fun. On friday we had nice little bar round in San Telmo. Was fun to meet people there and to take some shots once again and yea they really got me. But it was a lot of fun!! I felt bad for Carlos who had to wake up early in the morning, hahah. I myself slept till like 3pm and finally gathered myself after watching some Entourage episodes. Cooked some dinner, drank some beer and made myself ready for the day two. Marcos came to pick me up in the night and we went to a concert that was so great. There was this group of people playing drums and different instruments and whoa it was so good. Latin rhytms and the whole play was just improvising. Very impressive. The night was very long and we never went to sleep so at some point we realized that it was time for him to get to work, woops. So I went home like 10 in the morning. Ate some breakfast and slept like a baby. Now I'm packing my stuff again and going to another place for tonight.
I have spent 24 days in Buenos Aires so far. Feels pretty unrealistic. Tomorrow it's finally the time to move to my new house and meet my new roomies. It means that I finally can seddle down and concentrate perfectly on my life here because it's getting more stable now. I feel pretty good about it. Feel like I am achieving something. On the other hand it means that now I really have to start putting an effort on the real things like studying and working. I would like to just chill out every day but it's not possible if I'm gonna stay here for long. So I'm gonna have to start studying everyday so that after a month I could start looking for a job with at least small skills of spanish. Looking forward to that.

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