perjantai 15. lokakuuta 2010


Manny's ass muscle ;DD

How can meat simply be so fucking disgusting? :D

This is Sarita. A tattoo artist from Colombia. She's probably gonna tattoo me while she's staying here in Buenos Aires. They are now on a tattoo tour around south america. Such a great girl and so awesome tattoos she makes! wow.

How lovely picture. It's a baby angel taking a head of a saint. Hmmm.

Some art piece made of water that was in the museum where we were today.

THE flower !!
Hejssan! Tomorrow I'm gonna go to my new home to pick the room that I want and to give the deposit to the guy. I'm probably gonna move next week. Can't wait to meet my roomates. =)
Yesterday I was at the CS meeting again. It's so great way to get to know new people. I talked a lot with some polish people and one of them had been living in Finland for 6 months. The world is so small. Before we went to Debar we had some dinner at Manny's place with him and Sarita who is couchsurfing at his place now. Funny thing how CS brings us all together. I was so happy to meet S, she makes so beautiful tattoos. Just the kind of style that I love. I'm hoping that she will tattoo me. It would be so awesome to get a real memory of her.
Today we were at some Museum with Johanna. I guess this was the first art splash for me here so far and I liked it. Some christian paintings were creepy as always but the more modern part was kind of interesting. After museum we went for some beers with other girls from US. It's so funny to listen to them talking, their accent is so american. I can't get over it, hahah. Tomorrow(today) is friday which means parrrty. And it's the same with saturday. Maybe sunday too. :D But on monday I'm gonna continue with my español studies. I'm getting pretty good already; Yo quiero ir al cine pero necesita caminar a la casa esta noche porque taxi es muy caro :---D Ait well have a great friday and I'm going to bed now. It's 4 am :S

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