keskiviikko 8. joulukuuta 2010


Look at that tanktop! I was wearing it till baby spontaniously ripped it up in 10 pieces :---D I have to admit that it was in pretty bad shape and that I looked like a homeless person but it wasn't THAT bad. Hahh. But actually that was pretty good deal for me because he bought me a new one as a replacement. So keep on doing that honey, feel free to rip all my clothes but be aware that you have to invest a lot of money on the new ones! ;)
Yesterday I also got the first manicure in my entire life. Now I can't stop looking at my nails because they're so nice and cute. I feel like a lady which is extremely weird. But I'm not saying that I dislike it.



A pile of wood

Even thought I've been laughing a lot about my job and the way how redicilously easy it is I have to admit that there was one short moment that I felt quite bad about it. The short moment happened a few days ago when a lonely guy came to me and said "I'm so excited about this. It's impossible even to fall asleep because I'm just thinking of you and the way you are. You're amazing. I'm curious to learn you more. This is the first time I've done any kind of chatting and it already feels like the most perfect, normal and helthiest way to find love. There's something about you that attracts me more than any girl I've ever been with". I felt like "oohh shit dude, you have been fooled so badly! This is far from healthy, far from normal, far from perfect. This girl that you are talking to doesn't even exist. Please don't fall for this too much. Protect yourself!!" Poor guy. I hope he will find a real person some day. This post is dedicated to him. :--D

I'm moving out soon; NEXT WEEK! *happy dance* This house where I live in right now is nice. It's a funhouse. It's very dirty and unfinished but I will miss the group of people that we have here. We definitely had a lot of fun but I couldn't be happier about my decision to move to the new house.

Bye guys :D I know I will miss you. Claire will continue travelling so I won't see her again but at least Hernan is staying in Buenos Aires. Buenoo!!
Okey and one more thing. I think that suddenly everyone is leaving. Why guys, why do you have to leave me!? The one that I'm talking about is my BsAs best friend - Manu. We were celebrating him last saturday because soon he's off to travel around south america. I will miss you Manuel! ALOT! Take care. ROAD HOUSE!

Xx everyone! I will slowly finish my Corona. I will watch a movie and happily fall asleep. Sounds like a plan.

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