tiistai 22. helmikuuta 2011

Buena suerte!

To make this picture a little bit more clear to you I'm gonna tell a little story.
It's the birthday of Marcos. We've had an asado, we've visited his family but still I feel like doing something else. So I come up with an idea 'lets go to a a little game center to play some games and have a little fun'. Marcos doesn't seem to be too excited about the suggestion but he agrees to go. We drive to the place,  we buy a card with 10€ in it and so we go to play. After playing for a while we notice a machine where you can win an ipad, a camera etc etc. Marcos thinks for a while and finally decides to give it a shot. First time he doesn't win. The second time he gets it a little bit closer and the third time he fucking wins us an ipad. So now we have a new baby in our house which cost us about 7 euros. Amazing...

3 kommenttia:

  1. Moi Sari! Wau! Pyydätkö Marcosia lähettämään meille suomalaisen lottorivin, nin pistän vetämään. Ois käyttöä pienelle (tai helvetin isolle) rahalliselle yllätykselle. Rami

  2. Haha, moikka! Jep. Pistän yhden lottorivin tilaukseen. ;)

  3. Ahahah Great! I've always thought those machines are a kind of con, you can never win and so on, but apparently you did it guys! Great! Happy birthday too!

    Lorenzo Malo.