lauantai 12. helmikuuta 2011


I could eat sushi everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We even made our own sushi for dinner this week. Well... I'm not sure if you can call it sushi, heheh. But it was yummy. And we ended up drinking three bottles of wine. I wonder why I felt a little bit weak the next day??

This week Pia gave birth to dead puppies. She was pregnant and I was waiting and waiting for the puppies to be born.. But when the day came - it was awfull. And she was really suffering. So there are no new puppies in the house.. But instead I found a dead one on our yard. That's just awfull...

It's very weird now that Fiona is gone. This house feels quite empty again. Marcos is working and Fiona is in Montevideo. But it really seems like I'm going to meet her soon again. They are planning to hold the rainbow gathering close to buenos aires so I am definitely gonna take part in that case.

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