torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2011


Oh gosh how I'm full of energy over here! I've taken a next step according to the dream of becoming a photographer. Yes, I've been photographing a lot with this shitty camera that is almost giving me gray hair already.. I only have to wait for one more week and I get to say hi to my new baby. But anyway, I still have some good shots on my computer so I signed in for a few agencies with a hope of being able to sell these pictures. I also did a loooot of research and listed several email addresses to different magazines which I could try to sell my pictures to. Now I'm planning to go travelling to the Iguazu falls and later this year to Patagonia. The main reason for those trips is the fact that I get an amazing opportunity to take beautiful and artistic pictures of landscapes and study my new camera. Of course photography is not the only reason for me to travel, I also want to explore Argentina as much as possible.
I said to the guys the other day "I will travel to Asia to take amazing pictures". They sat me on a chair, opened google and showed me all the amazing landscapes that this country has to offer. I was quite blown away and I realized how blind and ignorant I've been what comes to Argentina. I've concentrated too much on Buenos Aires. Well now my goal is to explore this country very well from Patagonia to Iguazu falls, from the deserts to jungles and mountains. Sure I'm gonna have to do a lot of work to make this dream come true since I'm surely not swimming in money. But I'm not in a rush, I have time.. Patience, my dear, patience.

(Sorry if my english is not very correct, on the other worths IT SUCKS. Lately I've been feeling like "Me tarzan - you Jane.." Don't know what's happening to me. :D)

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