perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011


I have always been quite bad with autumns. It is the time of the year that pulls me down the most. This time I stopped for a while to think of the positive sides of autumn. I put a lot of time and effort on figuring out what could be done especially this time of the year, things that certainly put a smile on my face.

 You can get more energy and avoid getting sick by eating healthy stuff. We found this little store very close to our house that is full of different seeds, soybean, organic food, tofu etc.

 You can drink A LOT of green tea. Ah, it's so good. Autumn is also the best time of the year to light candles and incense sticks. :-)

 You can take hot showers, you can drink strong alcohol or wine that warms you inside. You can listen to music (which is always a good idea).

You can allow yourself to be a little lazy from time to time and be a nerd. :P You can drink hot chocolate (YUMMY AS HELL). Watch lots of movies and cuddle with your soft and warm pets (and of course your bf/gf). :-)

 You can catch up with your friends and have dinner together and of course ignite the fireplace to keep you warm and cozy.
By doing these things I don't feel depressed at all. And I'm so looking forward to the falling leaves, to the beautiful autumn colours and my new camera that is gonna be my BF 4-EVA.

Excellent spring for you europeans! :(:(:(

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