maanantai 17. tammikuuta 2011

Project CC home

I made a beautiful tattoo that sums up the happiness in life! :-)

I <3 Mate and..... ;D

She has a name now. It's PIA (Pain In the Ass) ehh eehh.

Project home

The Edith Piaf movie.

Nice sky in tigre


New sofa. Cozy as hell. And the board is full of black&white pictures taken by me. I'm proud of myself I have to admit.

Pia taking a nap. Mommy's girl.

The handyman in this house :-)

Books on the stairs.

Yummy coloured water

I painted two of our windows like this. So no one can inside but we still get the sunlight.

The pretty housewife is not always that pretty : D Ps. Notice how my hair is growing. As I said on facebook; I'm not cutting it until it grows till by lower back. Hahah!
That's it. I just wanted to make a little update according to our project called cozy&creative home. Soon we are getting more furniture and I'm gonna paint one wall. This is gonna be sooooo nice!

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