tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

He's back!

Last weekend was awful! A-W-F-U-L. Chaco was stolen on friday. On saturday we already printed out flyers and spread them around as much as possible. On sunday we did the same. We walked around the neighbourhood trying to find him. But Marcos was devastated, he thought that he'd never see Chaco again. Monday came, Marcos went out to a super market while I was working. Soon he came back home saying "I'm so sure I heard Chaco barking.." He had gotten a clue from a random lady where Chaco might be. He went to the house, tried to reach the woman living there but nobody appeared.. He heard that the woman tends to gather dogs from the streets to her house and keep them. So since nobody reacted to his call he came back home. Maybe 30 min after Chaco magically showed up to our house. GREAT!! But this thing really stinks. We believe that the woman was keeping chaco but when she noticed that we were suspecting her she realized that eventually she would get caught. And Chaco surely was not wondering around on the streets because he had been washed and he smelled like shampoo... ODD! Well thank god we got him back!! This just makes me think how awful and heartless these people are. Who steals other people's dogs??! And this is not the first time it happends to us... It's because chaco is not a random street dog, he's a gorgeous cocker spaniel so the people get tempted to take him. Maybe they want to sell him and get some pocket money, maybe something else.. I don't know but we really have to keep an eye on these people living around us. Pia has never been stolen, she makes long trips around pilar all the time but always comes back. That's because nobody wants a "normal" dog like her. But whenever there's something "better" thsese people turn into thieves.. Not everyone of course!

So now our family is whole again, me, Marcos, Chaco and Pia. Unfortunately the cat is no longer with us. He got a virus and it was not possible to heal it anymore. It was awfull to watch him suffer. Once he got the virus, it took 2 days and he was gone. We tried to do everything to make him warm, give water and food but nothing helped. :(
What comes to Pia's pregnancy, she's now operated. Mami's little girl is now recovering from her sterilization. Our house surely is a zoo!!

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