maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011


The zoo.

Recently happened:
- We've had some get-togethers at our place (which obviously weren't "sodaparties" as you can guess from those dancing pictures, ha!)
- I spent another awesome night in Buenos Aires with Raquel. It's always so nice to go out with her! Too bad that I can't keep up with her speed, that girl stays out till 9 am! No can do. :(
- I have eaten meat. OH MY GOD!! I never thought to see this day after five years of being vegetarian... But yeah I felt bad about myself, kind of like letting me down by eating meat even though it was well considered decision. What can I say about the taste... Well, at least I didn't hate it. And as they say, Argentina is the country of the best meat ever. I guess that's right. But I'm not becoming a hardcore meat eater, no way. I was just curious after hearing these stories "I was a vegetarian for 10 years but I just couldn't resist the tasty meat in Argentina..".
- My PMS is making me a monster (you are welcome for the information).

That's it.
So long for now!

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