keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2011

Indian man, call me again POR FAVOR!

You have no idea how big my frustration is, mrrrgggg.

We woke up early in the morning to a phone call. Some guy called from India. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned here but I have signed in to a freelance translator website, so I also do translations whenever I get offers (So far ZERO :D). So this Indian guy called me "Hello, I sent you an email. We have a big translation project. Did you receive my email? Would you be interested in doing translations for us?" And of course I was like yes yes because I never say no to money. ;) So I told him I'd open my email immediately and reply to him. So I went to my email account and fuck, there was no message from him. He must have written my email address wrong or something. And now I can't call him back because it was an indian number. So this means that I just lost the biggest opportunity every and I can just wipe up the dollar signs from my eyes :-------(
I hope the guy is so desperate that he'll call me again.
BUHUUUU! The biggest disappointment ever!
...And of course I had to pose to my webcamera to express the sadness! Hahah.

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