lauantai 29. tammikuuta 2011

La piscina

Holá! I just came from our swimmingpool and wanted to share it with you! The past weeks have been awfully hot and humit so the pool has been my best friend everyday! Now that I feel fresh again I´m gonna head to carrefour (our supermarket) to buy some nice ingredients for making coctails with a taste of summer! Saludos!

...I had a little painting project.

Her fur started getting a little bit too long so I cut it with scissors. Now she has a stylish and unique furcut. :D

The hoods

I found a beautiful view yerterday.

perjantai 28. tammikuuta 2011


I haven't been blogging so much lately. I've put all my energy on decorating this house with babi and living an amazing life with him. I haven't been using internet so much either. Just for work and that's pretty much all. I've had a lot of problems with the cable of my computer but now it's finally being fixed. (so most probably I will continue blogging more often)
There are a lot of nice stuff coming in the close future. We're going on a trip to Ente Rios on monday and will probably stop by at Uruguay as well. I need to leave this country so that they will update my tourist visa and give me another 90 days to be in the country. Too bad that I'm not Argentine. Anyway, soon after our trip - Fiona, a friend of mine from Austria, is coming to stay with us for some while. I'm so excited to meet her again after so many months! Also my mother and my cousin are coming on may so I feel really lucky.
Oh, btw now I literally live here with babi. I had my room in Buenos Aires till the end of the month but it's not mine anymore. So now this is my one and only home. And I just couldn't be any happier about it! Well, I guess it's time to go to the photos I've taken. They are completely random from the latest weeks and different occasions!

I finally got my christmas present! :---)

Fridge poetry

...A little acciden't and of course I'm not over reacting with the tie!

maanantai 17. tammikuuta 2011

Project CC home

I made a beautiful tattoo that sums up the happiness in life! :-)

I <3 Mate and..... ;D

She has a name now. It's PIA (Pain In the Ass) ehh eehh.

Project home

The Edith Piaf movie.

Nice sky in tigre


New sofa. Cozy as hell. And the board is full of black&white pictures taken by me. I'm proud of myself I have to admit.

Pia taking a nap. Mommy's girl.

The handyman in this house :-)

Books on the stairs.

Yummy coloured water

I painted two of our windows like this. So no one can inside but we still get the sunlight.

The pretty housewife is not always that pretty : D Ps. Notice how my hair is growing. As I said on facebook; I'm not cutting it until it grows till by lower back. Hahah!
That's it. I just wanted to make a little update according to our project called cozy&creative home. Soon we are getting more furniture and I'm gonna paint one wall. This is gonna be sooooo nice!

lauantai 8. tammikuuta 2011


Luxury dinner. Expensive cheese, fish and meat (for the guys) and good quality wine of course!

You cannot believe what I found from the supermarket! Even I couldn't believe my eyes! NÄKKÄRIÄ! I missed it so much. MUMS! (but it was fucking expensive, 18pesos)

A piece of memory on our wall
Two different drawings I made
Movie-night! This is an 'old' picture but I love it!

Well there was no clear point in this blog. I just wanted to share the NÄKKÄRI thing with you. It made my day. : D

torstai 6. tammikuuta 2011

Las chicas finlandesas

Ooohh it was so nice to meat some finnish people and speak finnish the whole night! I miss my language. And it was nice to meet Hertta again after so many months! Oh I'm so happy right now! And next month I'm getting Fiona here. And even my mom has been talking about coming. It's amazing to get some visitors. I wish I could get everyone of my closest friends to host. Or that I could affort visiting finland for a while.

Oh and Lauriina, you must come as well!!! <3

Guys you really need to know that it would make me happy as hell to have you here!